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Is a Snow Melt System Right for Me?

A 2014 article published in the New York Times extolled the virtues of snow melting systems in the urban environment. Once considered the exclusive province of upscale business venues, these systems have become more affordable and are now available for homes and businesses in Illinois. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when determining if a snow melting system is right for yo... Read More »


Is a Heat Recovery Ventilator System Effective?

Ventilation is an important consideration in the management of your home’s air quality, but efficiency can be a secondary concern because of the harsh winter conditions in Illinois. Bringing cold air into the house would increase the heating activity for your furnace, but a heat recovery system can be a viable and affordable solution to both your energy and air quality concerns. What Is a He... Read More »


How Can I Reduce Static Electricity Shocks in My House this Winter?

Static electricity is an electric charge that builds up on your body and discharges randomly whenever a conductor is touched. It is a condition characterized by frizzed hair and clothes that cling uncomfortably to your skin. While a discharge shock is a painful irritant, static electricity can actually damage delicate electronics and create a fire risk for those handling chemicals, solvents and ot... Read More »


How Does Aeroseal Duct Sealing Save Me Money?

Thanks to their ability to deliver whole-home comfort in any season, central HVAC systems are extremely popular in Lake Forest and the surrounding areas. Forced-air systems use a network of air ducts to deliver conditioned air throughout your home, but over time, the ductwork can develop leaks ranging from small pinholes to substantial cracks and gaps. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency ... Read More »


After a Furnace Tune-up What Else Should be Done to Prepare for Winter?

Right now you’re enjoying the mild days of September, but it won’t be long before chilly temperatures arrive in Lake Forest. The best thing you can do to ward off the Northern Illinois cold is have a heating system tune-up to make sure your furnace is in tip-top shape. But don’t stop there. Home weatherization will guarantee you’re ready for winter. Exterior Maintenance These exterior maintenance ... Read More »

warm family

Cooler Temperatures Are A Few Weeks Away. Time To Tune Up The Heater!

Fall is almost here, and the Lake Forest winters are definitely a season to prepare for. Don’t wait until the first frost to get your home heating system tune-up. Schedule heater maintenance early, and make sure that you and your family are good to go once the temps start to plummet. Ten Benefits Of Annual Heater Maintenance Northern Illinois winters can be brutal, but a well-maintained furn... Read More »

air conditioning repair

How Often Does An Air Conditioner Need Freon or Puron?

To most people, it seems like common sense that their air conditioner’s refrigerant would need to be recharged every once in a while, and people often jump to the conclusion that a low charge is to blame for air conditioner maintenance issues. In fact, an air conditioner should almost never need to be recharged. When does an air conditioning system need Freon or Puron? An air conditionerR... Read More »

programmable thermostat

How Frequently Adjusting the Thermostat Affects Your Energy Bill

Although air conditioning only accounts for two percent of the average residential energy use in Illinois, heating is responsible for 51 percent of energy consumption in the average home. Thermostat management is a year-round concern because of the potential impact on your utility bills. Lake Forest residents with energy-efficiency concerns might think that thermostat fluctuations are beneficial. ... Read More »

air conditioning

An AC Check Up Now and You’ll Keep Cool All Summer

Thankfully, winter has finally released its grip, and Lake Forest residents can enjoy the fresh days of spring. But before you know it, the heat of summer will arrive in full force. That’s why spring is a good time to start thinking about air conditioning maintenance. There are several reasons why a spring tune-up will keep you cool all summer. Continued Comfort Pre-season AC service helps you ide... Read More »

air conditioning unit

New Hi-Tech Developments in HVAC Equipment

From smart watches and virtual-reality goggles to camera-equipped drones, the media is quick to report on the latest flashy gadgets entering the market. While they may not grab the headlines, groundbreaking advancements in the HVAC industry deserve their share of attention too. After all, few modern products have a bigger impact on your personal comfort than your home’s heating, ventilation ... Read More »

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