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Poor airflow in your Lake Forest, IL home can cause uneven temperature distribution, stagnant air and increased energy bills. When air flows properly, your air quality is higher, and your home is more comfortable. There are several ways to improve your home’s airflow, and all of them are relatively easy to take advantage of.

Clear Registers and Vents

Check for curtains, rugs, furniture and other items blocking your home’s vents. You should also dust them regularly to remove any debris buildup that could hinder airflow.

Adjust the Dampers

There are often various dampers throughout your HVAC system that allow you to better control the flow of air to different parts of your house. If yours are adjustable, ensure that they are set properly. You can also use dampers to reduce the airflow to areas you do not use as much to save energy.

Replace Air Filters

One of the biggest reasons for restricted airflow is a dirty HVAC filter. While the type of filter and your specific system ultimately determine how often to change your filters, the average time between changes is every one to three months.

Install Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans help to better circulate air throughout your home to improve airflow. Use a clockwise motion in the winter and a counterclockwise motion in the summer for optimal comfort.

Insulate and Seal Leaks

Any gaps or leaks in your home such as in your doors, windows or ductwork, can allow air to get in from the outside or out from the inside, both of which make it harder to maintain consistent airflow. Sealing air leaks and ensuring proper insulation will help to solve this issue.

Implementing these strategies will improve your indoor air quality and energy efficiency by enhancing airflow. Call Ireland Heating & Air Conditioning Co. today to learn more about your airflow improvement options.

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