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Our Snow Melt Systems Make Safer Environments

Integrated snow and ice melt systems can easily eliminate ice and snow accumulations and ensure a safer outdoor environment for your friends and family. At Ireland Heating & Air Conditioning, our knowledgeable staff members can provide you with a snow melting solution designed and configured specifically to suit your sidewalks and your needs.
Hydronic Snow Melt Systems

Our integrated snow melt solutions offer significant advantages for you and your family:

  • No more plowing or shoveling means fewer aches, pains and health risks for homeowners.
  • Snow melting solutions ensure that friends, family and guests are at lower risk of slips or falls on sidewalks and driveways.
  • Our radiant snow melt products cause less damage to driveway and sidewalk surfaces than shoveling, plowing or corrosive chemical de-icing solutions.

On average, the North Shore area receives 36 inches of snowfall each winter. This means that you can avoid shoveling three feet of snow each and every winter by installing an in-ground snow melting system for your home or business. At Ireland Heating & Air Conditioning, we install the products we sell and stand behind our work to ensure your complete satisfaction with every project we do.

Hydronic Snow Melt Systems

Hydronic systems use an antifreeze solution that is heated and sent through tubes under your driveway and sidewalk. The fluid is heated to temperatures ranging from 140 to 180 degrees which will provide enough heat to melt the snow.

We will be happy to answer all of your questions on how a snow melt system can benefit your North Shore home or business. The professional installation team at Ireland Heating & Air Conditioning will discuss each step of the process with you. Contact us today at 847-388-0108 to discuss radiant snow melt solutions and to take the first steps toward a maintenance-free winter.

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