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As a resident of Vernon Hills, IL, you know how important your furnace is during the late winter and early spring due to the cold temperatures outside. Dealing with an HVAC system that keeps tripping the circuit breaker is a hassle, but it also keeps your home from feeling as warm as it should. Keep reading to learn why your furnace trips its breaker and what you can do to prevent it.

Overloaded Circuit

Modern electrical systems assign different circuits to various rooms and outlets. A common reason the furnace breaker keeps tripping is that you have too many things on the same circuit, which overloads it. This often happens when multiple appliances share a circuit breaker.

Blower Motor

The furnace’s blower motor is what pushes warm air through the vents and ducts. When this part is stressed or has too much pressure on it, it trips the breaker. A common cause of stress is a dirty air filter, and replacing it should help.

Blocked Vents

When you block one or more of the vents in your Vernon Hills, IL home, it causes the thermostat to misjudge the temperature and turn the heat on and off. It also puts too much stress and pressure on your furnace, which makes it work harder and trips the breaker. Make sure you don’t have any furniture, appliances or other heavy objects on top of or in front of your vents.

Damaged Electrical Panel

While you should look for issues with the furnace, consider the electrical panel too. Damage to the panel can short-circuit it and keep it from supplying the furnace with the power it needs. Loose wires can also affect the furnace.

Short Circuits

Short circuits also apply to the furnace itself. A loose wire that touches bare metal or another wire can change the flow of power and send too much energy to the furnace. This causes it to short-circuit, which leads to a tripped breaker.

All of these problems can cause your furnace to trip the circuit breaker every time you turn it on or after it runs for a few hours. Get help finding the best solution to your furnace issue. Call Ireland Heating & Air Conditioning Co. to schedule heating services in Vernon Hills, IL.

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