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Many homeowners are unfamiliar with the benefits of ductless HVAC units and are therefore hesitant to use them in their home. We’re here to tell you that a ductless system has a lot of perks and you might just find that it’s perfect for your home and lifestyle. Installing ductless HVAC in your Highland Park, Illinois, home has many benefits, including improving energy efficiency, easy installation, and combined heating and cooling in one system. 

One Simple Unit

A ductless HVAC system streamlines your heating and air conditioning by putting both into one, easy-to-use unit. If you’ve been using two systems, especially if you have baseboard heating or a window air conditioning unit, it’s time to upgrade to a ductless system. Once the unit or units are installed, you have easy control over the heating and cooling of your home. 

Energy Efficient

Because ductless HVAC units are installed in individual rooms of your home, it gives you the ability to specify and control exactly how you want each room to be heated or cooled. This makes ductless HVAC units more energy efficient because you’ll only need to heat or cool the rooms where you’ll be spending time. You can also create zones and control your home’s temperature in batches.  

Quick and Easy Installation

Installation of a ductless HVAC unit is fast and simple and will take only a few hours. After hiring a trained technician who will assess your home and make a recommendation of where to install your ductless HVAC units, you’ll be finished in just a few hours. The units are mounted with minimal mess and very limited intrusion to walls and the aesthetic of your home. In comparison, HVAC systems with ducting to be installed will take days for installation that could include walls being opened up. 

If you’re ready to learn more about installing a ductless  system and make your Highland Park, Illinois, home more energy efficient give Ireland Heating & Air a call anytime at 847-388-0108. 

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