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Right now you’re enjoying the mild days of September, but it won’t be long before chilly temperatures arrive in Lake Forest. The best thing you can do to ward off the Northern Illinois cold is have a heating system tune-up to make sure your furnace is in tip-top shape. But don’t stop there. Home weatherization will guarantee you’re ready for winter.

Exterior Maintenance

These exterior maintenance tips will safeguard you and your property:

  • Insulate and seal. ENERGY STAR estimates that Illinois homeowners can save 16 percent by adding insulation to ceilings, attics and basements and caulking or weather stripping around windows and doors.
  • Get up high. Check the roof for damaged or missing shingles that may leak melted snow.
  • Maintain walkways. Snow melt systems are an ideal way to keep sidewalks and driveways clear of the snow we frequently see in Lake Forest.

Interior Maintenance

These interior maintenance tips are easy ways to ensure that you’re warm and comfy no matter what the weather conditions may be:

  • Control temperature. Switching to a programmable thermostat enables you to save money, stay comfortable and eliminate the frustration that comes when you realize that, once again, you forgot to adjust the thermostat when you left the house.
  • Prevent chimney drafts. Install a chimney balloon in unused chimneys to reduce heat loss and prevent cold air from entering your home.
  • Regulate airflow. Sealing air ducts increases your comfort in two ways: it stops the leak of heated air as it flows through the ductwork, and it eliminates pulling unwanted cold air into the heated parts of your home.

In Illinois, weatherization helps you save 25 percent in energy costs. Wouldn’t you rather use that money to pad your nest egg or enjoy a family night out? To learn how we can ensure your comfort throughout our Lake Forest winters, check out the heating services we offer at Ireland Heating and Air Conditioning or call 847-388-0108.

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