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Ventilation is an important consideration in the management of your home’s air quality, but efficiency can be a secondary concern because of the harsh winter conditions in Illinois. Bringing cold air into the house would increase the heating activity for your furnace, but a heat recovery system can be a viable and affordable solution to both your energy and air quality concerns.

What Is a Heat Recovery System?

There are many types of ventilation systems available for residential needs, but some are better suited to harsh winter climates. A balanced system takes polluted air out of the home and brings in fresh air. A heat recovery ventilator recaptures energy from the outgoing air to pre-treat the incoming air supply. The two streams pass through a common box without intermingling, which allows heat exchange to occur as the incoming cold air absorbs the heat from the other stream. According to the United States Department of Energy, a heat recovery ventilator is particularly cost-effective and efficient in locations that experience very cold winters. However, this type of unit should also be serviced with annual maintenance to maintain optimum efficiency.

Additional Indoor Air Concerns During the Winter

As your furnace operates, it can result in a serious depletion of humidity in your home. You might notice static electricity and dry skin as you operate the furnace. The ideal relative humidity in your home is between 30 and 50 percent, but your furnace can drop this level to the teens or lower, which can create some health issues. For example, low humidity can dry your mucous membranes and affect your defenses against common winter ailments like the flu or colds. Consider installing a humidifier to complement the heat recovery ventilation and heating activity in your home.

Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Services

Healthy indoor air can be a challenging goal with so many issues to combat. Ireland Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to assist with a full range of indoor air quality systems and services, which you can explore through our website or by contacting one of our representatives at 847 388-0108.

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