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Every Lake Forest, Illinois, resident knows that the area has hot, humid summers, but many aren’t aware of the effects that humidity has inside the home. A home’s humidity levels can greatly affect your family’s and your comfort, especially when it’s already humid outside. Here are two things you need to know about your home’s humidity levels.

Temperature Change

Inappropriate humidity levels in your home can actually greatly affect how the interior temperature feels, whether your humidity is too high or too low.

Too much humidity may lead to your house feeling warmer than it should. The water in the air helps retain heat, so too much water in the air means a feeling of mugginess and warmth. On the opposite side, too little moisture will make your air feel colder and dry. Both of these situations can be uncomfortable, so keeping your humidity levels in check can help ensure what you feel matches up to the temperature reading on your thermostat. You’ll enjoy greater home comfort.

Home Hazard

Humidity can also pose a hazard to your home and to your health if levels become too extreme in opposite directions. If humidity levels are too high, you may see damage to your home like soft plaster or moisture buildup, and you may notice unpleasant smells.

Bacteria and other contaminants thrive in humid environments, so too much humidity may lead to colds or other unpleasant symptoms. Too little humidity may cause lung issues to flare up, plus persistent dry skin.

Fortunately, the humidity levels in your home can be easily maintained through your HVAC system or additional products like humidifiers or dehumidifiers. If you’re concerned about the humidity levels in your home, our experts can help find ways to adjust the levels so you can enjoy maximum comfort. Give Ireland Heating and Air a call today at 847-388-0108 to set up an appointment!

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