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Humidity is an important factor to consider in your Evanston, Illinois, home. Improper humidity levels can result in dry skin, itchy throats, sneezing, irritated sinuses, aggravated asthma or allergy symptoms, and more. Here are a few tips we suggest for optimizing your indoor humidity levels.

Understand the Importance of Optimal Indoor Humidity

Keeping your home’s humidity within optimal range is important for boosting comfort and health. Bacteria and dust mites thrive in high humidity, while viruses flourish in lower humidity. Not having your home in the optimal range leaves your family susceptible to a host of issues.

More than that, improper humidity can cost you. Dry air makes you feel colder, which leads to cranking up the heat in the winter. By contrast, too much humidity in the summer results in increased air conditioning use. When you maintain optimal indoor humidity levels, you can keep your thermostat at a reasonable temperature without sacrificing comfort.

Install a Whole-Home Humidifier

To achieve desired humidity levels throughout the home when the air is too dry, turn to a whole-home humidifier. These units reduce static electricity, save on energy costs, eliminate uncomfortable dryness, and even protect your walls and furniture from damage.

There are many types of humidifiers to choose from, but those installed in your HVAC unit deliver moisture directly into the ducts, improving indoor air quality almost immediately.

Consider a Whole-Home Dehumidifier

In contrast to humidifiers, whole-home dehumidifiers reduce the moisture in your home’s air. Mildew, stale smells, and mold growth are all signs of excessive moisture, and unless you deal with the issue, you leave your family open to respiratory symptoms and other illnesses.

Whether you need a whole-home humidifier, dehumidifier, or both ultimately comes down to where your home is located and its construction. A certified HVAC technician can help you determine which product best suits your needs.

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