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Today’s smart thermostats do far more than adjust your home’s temperature at the appropriate day and time. The latest systems can learn from your habits, track your location, and join together with other smart home features to give you a perfectly integrated experience. If you’re looking for a fresh way to upgrade your Vernon Hills, Illinois, home, you can give it a high-tech makeover with feature-packed thermostats that offer more options than ever.

Algorithmic Learning

Many smart thermostats rely on algorithmic learning to analyze your usage patterns and provide customized settings designed to minimize your energy use while maximizing comfort. You can choose these algorithms’ parameters, then leave your system to gather data and respond accordingly to patterns that emerge over time. The thermostat might learn your work and school schedules, adjusting for the times when your home is typically unoccupied. It might also sense activity levels and begin setting the thermostat back around the time you go to bed at night.

More advanced algorithms are beginning to track interaction with the device. If you adjust the temperature manually, it will note that you were uncomfortable with the current settings. When you leave the device alone, it sees this as an indicator that you’re comfortable. A thermostat that relies on algorithmic learning will become progressively smarter and better at delivering a comfortable home experience.

Remote Sensors

Remote sensors are one of the latest innovations in thermostat management. Traditional thermostats measure the temperature in a single central location where the unit itself is located. While you can do your best to place the thermostat in a space with even temperatures and minimal drafts, you’re still stuck measuring just one spot.

Remote sensors allow your thermostat to carefully consider the temperatures in multiple locations. You can place sensors in a variety of locations throughout the house for more accurate temperature management. This way, your thermostat will know if the entire house is chilly or if it’s dealing with just one cold spot. Some sensors even measure occupancy throughout the house, minimizing energy use when the dwelling is empty.

Smart Home Integration

A smart thermostat is only the beginning of the customization and control systems available to you in today’s smart homes. You can integrate many thermostats with other whole-home systems for enhanced control. Pair your thermostat with Amazon Echo and Alexa so you can adjust the temperature with the associated voice controls. Just tell Alexa to warm up the living room and you’ll enjoy convenient adjustments from the comfort of the couch.

If you’re adding other smart features to your home, such as smart outlets, color-changing light bulbs, and security cameras, you can integrate your thermostat seamlessly with the rest of your home management installations. Just make sure you choose systems that are compatible with one another for a seamless smart home.


Geofencing features use your smartphone’s geolocation capabilities to determine whether you’re in the home or away. When you’re outside the home, your thermostat will respond appropriately by switching to away mode, which typically sets the temperature higher in summer or cooler in winter to ultimately use less energy. You can set a distance threshold within a few miles of home, which will signal the thermostat that you’re coming back. When you cross the threshold, the system will begin adjusting so it’s at your preferred comfort setting when you walk through the door.

Geofencing works best for a home with a single adult, as this feature can run into some hiccups when several people are coming and in and out of the home. However, this is a fascinating example of how smartphone apps and thermostat features can go hand-in-hand to increase your comfort.

If you’re looking to upgrade your home with a smart thermostat, contact Ireland Heating & Air Conditioning Co. at 847-388-0108. We can help you explore the options available for your home and choose the best product for your needs. Whether you’re simply installing a new thermostat or outfitting your home with a whole new HVAC system, we have the knowledge and technology you need.

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