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The right smart thermostat, also called a programmable thermostat, can help you save money and energy as well as improve your Highland Park, Illinois, home’s comfort. Programmable thermostats can automatically turn down your heater or air conditioner while you’re at work or asleep and then return your home to a more comfortable temperature before you wake up or get back. Some models can even learn about your preferences over time and increase the value of your home. With that said, here are some of the most convenient, efficient thermostat upgrades.

The Carrier Wi-Fi Thermostat

This thermostat has a large color display, a convenient mobile app, four-day local weather forecasting, daily and monthly energy reports, and an energy-saving Quick Save mode. Four different temperatures for every day of the week are programmable, there’s a vacation setting, and many HVAC system types and brands are compatible.

The Carrier Wi-Fi Thermostat also reminds you about routine maintenance and changing your air filter. You can get reminders on a regular schedule or based on your system’s airflow. A remote control and optional sensors for up to eight zones are available as well. That way, you won’t have to heat or cool unoccupied areas and all your family members can choose the temperature that’s most comfortable for them.

The Comfort Programmable Touch-N-Go Thermostat

The Comfort Programmable Touch-N-Go Thermostat has two different models available. One controls conventional air conditioners and heaters while the other controls heat pumps. Both systems have a large display and remind you when it’s time to replace your air filter. You can choose different programming options for weekdays and weekends or select quick Touch-N-Go settings. This thermostat is also compatible with many zoning systems, and it can change automatically between heating and cooling.

The Côr Wifi Thermostat

The Côr Wifi Thermostat has a color touch screen with helpful prompts, a four-day local weather forecast, energy reports, internet access, and customized energy-saving tips. It can switch from heating to air conditioning when needed as well as give you maintenance and replacement reminders for air filters, UV lights, and humidifier pads. Like the Comfort Programmable Touch-N-Go Thermostat, you can change its settings by touching just one button.

This thermostat can also control three different temperature zones, and it’s compatible with most HVAC systems. Additionally, its Ideal Humidity System can monitor and control the humidity in your home. You can make changes with a remote or with your smartphone or PC. A smart setback lets this thermostat adapt intelligently for better efficiency than manual programming, and you can choose a different schedule for each day of the week and vacations.  

The Infinity Remote Access Touch Control

This thermostat has a color touch screen, and you can choose your own background for it by uploading photos. It comes with a black, white, or silver faceplate to match your home’s decor, and it can control humidity, ventilation, air flow, indoor air quality, up to eight zones, and automated features such as lights or music. It can even tell you the percentage of air flow to each zone.

The Infinity Remote Access Touch Control also has maintenance reminders, five-day weather forecasting, and a mobile app for quick changes. An advanced smart setback system, energy use tracking, and a Greenspeed intelligence system help you save energy. Meanwhile, ComfortFan technology can change your HVAC system’s fan to four different speeds.

The Performance Edge Programmable Thermostat

This thermostat can control any Performance or Comfort HVAC system, including air conditioners, furnaces, and boilers. It has a slim, attractive design, and its faceplate comes in silver, gold, saddlebrush, onyx, espresso, natural grain, or quartz to match with any home. The screen doesn’t have a color display, but the Performance Edge is efficient with its ability to control ventilation and humidity. You can also add a digital memory card, an outdoor air temperature sensor, and up to three zones.

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