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Have you noticed that your home doesn’t seem as warm as it did last winter? As time goes on, your HVAC system may have difficulty keeping up with elements outside to keep your home as warm as possible. The following are four common reasons your heating system can’t keep up with the cold as it used to in Vernon Hills, IL.

Dirty Air Filters

Substances like dust and dirt build up in air filters if the filters aren’t replaced. This reduces the amount of space the air has to pass through, causing your HVAC system to work extra hard to distribute air around the home. Change your air filters regularly to avoid this issue and improve your indoor air quality.

Your Home Is Drafty

Older windows and other factors make a home get draftier, meaning the heating system has more work to do. This serves to both let warm air out and cold air in. Having a well-sealed home is the first step toward making things easier for your furnace.

It Needs a Tune-up

Your furnace could develop minor issues during the months it isn’t in use. Before the winter season starts, have your heating system checked out by a professional to ensure it’s in proper working order. This will go a long way toward your system being as efficient as possible.

It’s Old

Heating systems have a lifespan like every appliance in your home. To help your system last as long as possible, schedule regular maintenance to keep them working properly. Consider replacing an older heating system to cut repair costs and save on monthly utility costs with an energy-efficient modern system.

If you’re having issues with your heating system, call the pros at Ireland Heating & Air for help. We offer a variety of HVAC services and have the experience to help solve any issue.

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