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With winters in Northfield, IL being as frigid as they are, having a reliable heating system is very important. A heat pump can be susceptible to many issues, but one of the most frustrating is when your heat pump mimics the winter weather and freezes up. Here are a few things that might cause your heat pump’s components to freeze.

Low Temperatures

Low outdoor temperatures are the simplest reason your heat pump’s coils might freeze. During especially cold winters, it is already somewhat more difficult for heat pumps to heat your home since there is very little heat sitting in the ice-cold air during such times. Any stray bit of moisture or condensation could easily freeze under such conditions.

Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant enables heat pumps to perform heat transfer. If, for any reason, it begins leaking out of your system, one of the results could be that its coils will begin to freeze.

The reason for this is that less refrigerant means that there will be less pressure in your heat pump’s coils when the refrigerant travels there. Lower pressures often tie in with lower temperatures. Thus, with too little refrigerant, moisture that accumulates in your evaporator coil won’t evaporate and will freeze instead.

Lack of Repairs or Maintenance

Water leaks, dirty or broken fan blades, faulty blower motors and many other problems can cause parts of your heat pump to freeze. The one common denominator uniting these issues is that they emerge because of a lack of regular maintenance and timely repairs. Asking for repairs or maintenance from trained technicians can remove these issues.

Freezing coils can completely debilitate your heat pump, which would be especially annoying in the middle of winter in Northfield, IL. Luckily, with professional intervention, you can fix this problem. Call Ireland Heating & Air Conditioning Co. and request our heating services today.

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