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If you notice an odor coming from your Lake Forest, IL, heating system, it’s indicative that something’s wrong. Here are five common heat pump odors, as well as what generates them and how to fix them.

1. Burning Odors

If your heat pump smells like burning rubber or burning plastic, you may have an electrical problem. The melting of electrical cables or plastic may be the cause of this burning odor.

Electrical problems in HVAC equipment are dangerous and might result in a fire. If you notice this odor, switch off your heating system at the breaker and contact a heating professional.

2. Musty Smells

If your heat pump smells musty, you may have microbial growth in the ducts or on moist evaporator coils. This heating system odor is sometimes referred to as dirty sock syndrome. By planning regular heating maintenance and duct cleaning, you may prevent this.

3. Chemical Odor

A refrigerant leak might cause a chemical odor. You could smell something sweet or formaldehyde-like if the evaporator coil is the source of a refrigerant leak. It’s possible for refrigerant lines to hiss when leaking.

4. Sulfur Odor

The sulfur odor coming from your heating system is not typical. While this is not always harmful, unlike with gas-burning heating systems, you should have technicians inspect it. Animals may enter the attic and ductwork in quest of warmth may die there. Therefore, you should schedule a vent inspection and cleaning.

5. Fishy Smell

If you detect this odor, there are a few things that could be wrong. One possibility could be that the HVAC motor is overheating or a plastic part is melting.

This smell might also indicate electrical problems. Whatever the issue, you must contact a Lake Forest, IL HVAC technician.

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