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If your home has a heat pump, you know it’s necessary to keep it functioning for indoor comfort. However, a malfunctioning heat pump may fail to heat your Lake Bluff, IL home during the cold season. Below are a few reasons for a heat pump blowing cool air in heating mode.

Your Reversing Valve is Faulty

All heat pumps come fitted with a reversing valve. This component helps the system to switch between heating and cooling your home by altering the direction of refrigerant flow.

During summer, the reversing valve allows the refrigerant to absorb heat from your home at the indoor coil and relay the heat to the outdoor coil. The outdoor coil then releases this heat to the environment.

During winter, the valve prompts the refrigerant to start moving heat from the outdoor coil to the indoor coil. If the reversing valve breaks, it cannot change the direction of the refrigerant flow.

As a result, your heat pump continues absorbing heat in your home and discarding it outside during winter, making your home cold. A service technician can easily repair a faulty reversing valve and restore system efficiency.

Your Heat Pump Refrigerant is Leaking

This fluid will start leaking if there are small holes in the coils in which the refrigerant moves. Leaks leave little refrigerant available to relay heat from outside into your home. Do not attempt to DIY this repair because this refrigerant is dangerous to humans and the environment.

Your Outdoor Unit is Dirty

The heat pump requires uninhibited airflow to absorb heat from the environment efficiently. Factors limiting airflow include contaminants on the unit and debris buildup internally.

Make it a habit to routinely schedule heat pump maintenance. This will help catch problems early on and catch any debris causing airflow problems. Also, be sure to keep vegetation at least 3 feet away from the outside unit.

Our technicians have received the necessary training to work on heat pumps and are ready to help with yours. Contact Ireland Heating & Air Conditioning Co. this season for quality heating services in Lake Bluff, IL.

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