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Your thermostat is one of the most important parts of your HVAC system, as it is what signals your heating or AC system to turn on and off. However, something that most residents of Evanston, IL are unaware of is how important the location of their thermostat is. To understand why this is, here’s a quick overview of why the location is important and how to determine the best place for your home’s thermostat.

Why the Location of Your Thermostat Matters

Thermostats work to measure the temperature inside the building to determine when the HVAC system needs to run. This means that you need to install it in an area that accurately represents the temperature inside your home.

If you don’t place the thermostat in a suitable location, your house could end up too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. The opposite may also occur, in which case you will also end up with higher energy bills since your HVAC system will run more often and longer than it really needs to. This can also lead to increased heating or AC repairs.

Areas to Avoid

Generally speaking, you should have technicians install your thermostat on an interior wall, away from any windows or doors. It should also be in an area where it isn’t exposed to direct sunlight.

Other areas to avoid include kitchens and bathrooms since these rooms are often warmer than the rest of the home. The same is true of basements since they are usually colder.

The thermostat also needs to be far enough away from any supply registers. If not, the hot or cold air coming from your HVAC system can interfere with it’s ability to accurately measure the temperature inside your home.

Choosing the Best Thermostat Location

Ideally, the thermostat should be centrally located and on the main level of your home. It should also be in a room that you use frequently and that has good air circulation, such as a living room or den. This is why we recommend that you should not install it in a hallway unless no other suitable areas are available; hallways tend to have poor airflow.

If you need a new thermostat installed or need someone to move your existing one to a better location, you can trust the team at Ireland Heating & Air. We install and repair thermostats in Evanston, IL and the surrounding areas, and we can help ensure it is in the best possible location. If you have any questions about your thermostat or require any other type of HVAC services, give the pros at Ireland Heating & Air a call today.

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