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It’s so disappointing to walk through your home and find that one room feels perfect and another is far too warm. Uneven cooling can cause some rooms in your Deerfield, IL home to feel so warm that you close them off for the summer. Read on for some of the common reasons for uneven cooling.

Blocked Vents

One of the biggest reasons why some rooms feel too hot is that you inadvertently covered the vents that produce cool air. Changing the location of your furniture can give you the cold air you want.

Bad Insulation

Good insulation helps you keep your home warm during cold Illinois nights and keep it cool at the height of summer. If you find that the temperature fluctuates from room to room, take a look at your insulation. You may need to add more insulation to give your AC the help it needs to keep your home comfy.

Dirty Filter

You probably know how tired and worn out you feel when you’re dirty, but you may not know that your AC can feel the same way. Air conditioner filters become dirty and clogged simply from the debris that passes through them every day. Though you should invest in routine air conditioning services, as a general rule, you should replace your AC’s air filters yourself at least every 90 days.

Old AC

Though you may not want to admit it, the reason for your uneven cooling may be the age of your AC. Most systems last for around 15 years, some as long as 20 years. Regular maintenance and changing the filter costs less than replacing your system. However, if you have an older AC, it may be time to think about buying a new one.

We want to help you stay cool this summer, which is why we offer so many services for AC owners around Deerfield. Call us at Ireland Heating & Air today after you check out our specials to see how you can save.

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