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Radiant heating is a clean, cost-effective and dependable way to heat your Lake Forest, IL home. This heating differs from traditional heating systems in that the heat comes from a variety of heating panels rather than through ductwork. Here’s a look at some benefits of radiant heating.

Eliminates the Need for Ductwork

Radiant heating works well without ductwork. There’s no risk of ductwork leaks or blockages affecting the airflow. Also, the lack of ductwork makes it easier to perform annual maintenance.

Good for People with Allergies

It’s common for ductwork to spread allergens such as dust and other particles through air vents. The air can then cause people with asthma and other allergies to have breathing difficulties. But without ductwork, the air is easier to breathe and is cleaner.

Uses Less Energy

Forced-air heating generally consumes more energy because of duct losses. As air escapes the ducts, the heating system works harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. This heating system eliminates the need for ductwork, so there are no heat losses associated with it.

Ability to Heat Specific Rooms

You can add radiant heat as desired. It’s not necessary to add radiant heat to every room of your home. You may find it more cost-effective to start with one or two rooms.

Keep in mind it’s easiest to install radiant heating during a remodeling project. The option to retrofit this heating to existing floors, walls or ceilings depends on the situation.

Radiant Heat in Your Lake Forest, IL Home

Radiant floor heating works with several types of floors. In general, hardwood, tile, concrete and carpet floors work well with this type of heating system.

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