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If snow builds up on your driveway, it can make it slippery and dangerous. Here’s how a hydronic snowmelt system can help you stay safe in the frigid Libertyville, IL, winter by melting the snow from your driveway.

What Is a Hydronic Snowmelt System Made Of?

Four key parts make up a hydronic snowmelt system. They are the heating element, sensors to calculate the outdoor moisture and temperatures, a source of power and a controller. The controller makes sure that the heating element, sensors and power source all work together.

How Does This System Work?

A hydronic snowmelt system melts the snow from your driveway by running a mixture of antifreeze and hot water through the heating element. A crucial step is heating the mixture to roughly 140 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. The heating element consists of a lot of tubes tied together, and the hot mixture runs through them to melt the snow.

What Are Some Advantages?

One advantage of choosing a hydronic snowmelt system for your driveway in Libertyville is that you can use a variety of different power sources to heat the water that runs through the system. You can choose an oil, gas or electric water heater and combine it with an existing boiler or hydronic radiant floor system. Thanks to this versatility, you could enjoy lower costs to operate the hydronic snowmelt system.

How Do You Install a Hydronic Snowmelt System?

First, our HVAC company will put out the tubing, pour the concrete, put in insulation at the expansion joints, then check to make sure nothing got damaged during installation. For a hydronic system, this means testing the tubes with compressed water or air, so we know the pressure inside them is right.

Contact Ireland Heating & Air so we can install a hydronic snowmelt system for your driveway. We can make sure your driveway is safe to use all winter long.

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