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Adding smart thermostats to your Lake Forest, Illinois, area home can improve the efficiency of your HVAC system to save costs, all while adding ease of control. Coordinating through Wi-Fi, they learn your heating and cooling preferences for each area of your home. They know when to reduce energy consumption for low use periods, such as when family members are away or sleeping. Here are some considerations.

Learning Your Preferences

By using motion detectors, smart thermostats know when you enter and leave the rooms of your home. When you select greater degrees of heating or cooling, they learn these preferences and adjust accordingly.

Seasonally Based Setbacks

When thermostats lower settings based on the season, this is called a setback. For example, heating requirements decrease with the onset of spring and summer. Smart thermostats account for this by knowing when to adjust with temperature setbacks based on the changes of the season. Automation is the primary advantage for the homeowner. This feature enables greater energy savings and increases HVAC efficiency.

Variables to Consider

Homeowners usually see cost savings of 10 to 15 percent by adding smart thermostats. How much you actually save depends in large part on how much you use your HVAC to heat and cool. If you don’t use your system much, you will notice greater savings and vice versa. Other factors that can make a difference are the quality of the insulation of the home and the climate. If you live in an area with highly variable seasonal weather, HVAC settings can save you money with better management of these conditions.

A system of smart thermostats keeps you instantly informed and in control directly through your smartphone or tablet. If you are considering adding smart thermostats to your home to improve efficiency, comfort, and save money, the professional experts at Ireland Heating & Air Conditioning Co. can help you. Call us at 847-388-0108, and we can discuss the affordable options for your home today.

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