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From smart watches and virtual-reality goggles to camera-equipped drones, the media is quick to report on the latest flashy gadgets entering the market. While they may not grab the headlines, groundbreaking advancements in the HVAC industry deserve their share of attention too. After all, few modern products have a bigger impact on your personal comfort than your home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Thanks to innovative technologies, a new HVAC installation or air conditioning replacement can raise your comfort level at home and can make a significant dent in your energy bills too.

Smart Control Technology

Today’s top HVAC systems come equipped with programmable thermostats that let you schedule your HVAC systems to run at different temperatures at various times of the day. Some systems are equipped with Wi-Fi, so you can adjust settings from your smart device or computer. Others alert you when it’s time to change the air filter or if the equipment needs an HVAC repair. These smart controls make it easy to optimize your comfort at home while also lowering your operating expenses.

Energy Recovery Systems

Introducing healthful fresh air into homes in the North Shore area can be challenging when the weather outside is freezing cold or sweltering hot. An energy recovery ventilator lets you capture up to 80 percent of the energy in the system’s exiting air to pre-condition incoming air. This type of HVAC installation allows you to enjoy the benefits of fresh air, reduces energy costs and helps keep humidity levels in your home balanced too.

New HVAC Installations

If your current system is outdated or needs an HVAC repair, a heating or air conditioning replacement is a smart investment that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the latest advancements in HVAC technology. For more information about high-tech HVAC solutions that can improve your life at home, check out the innovative HVAC systems offered by Ireland Heating & Air Conditioning or call 847-388-0108.

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