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Those who are concerned about carefully using the Earth’s resources may consider renewable ones for home systems. Others may investigate options such as geothermal heating and cooling in order to cut energy costs. While geothermal solutions don’t work for everyone, it’s helpful to alleviate concerns related to common misconceptions so that the option can be explored thoroughly by those interested.

Geothermal Heating Requires a Large Property

Some ground and water source geothermal systems do require ample space for installation. However, vertical installations may not require very much square footage at all. Certainly, those with large properties may want to consider the geothermal approach, having ample space for horizontal loops. Similarly, an individual with a pond or lake on the property may want to make the most of that resource by using a water source system with the loop installed in that body of water. However, an HVAC contractor who’s experienced with geothermal installations can evaluate your property to identify the options best-suited to your situation.

Geothermal Systems Have Limited Heat Capacity

System sizing is important with any HVAC system, including geothermal equipment. The desired use of the system may include heating water as well as the structure, and these issues can be taken into consideration as your contractor calculates your needs and designs your system.

Geothermal Equipment Has a Short Lifespan

The ground or water loops in a geothermal system can last for decades, with estimates of 50 years or longer noted by experts. Similarly, the inside equipment in this type of system has an estimated lifespan of 25 years or more. In comparison, an electric heat pump has a typical life span of approximately 14 years. The higher cost of a geothermal unit can be compared with the longevity of such a system due to the fact that more time of service can be expected.

Geothermal Repairs are Expensive

Because most heating repairs are limited to indoor equipment in a geothermal configuration, the access to such equipment needed for making repairs is not a serious concern. Additionally, the long-lasting design of the indoor equipment makes it possible to minimize repairs, especially if consistent system maintenance is adhered to. Repairs of inside equipment are not much different from those involved in fixing an air source heat pump’s indoor equipment. Factors such as the parts involved will play the greatest role in such repairs. Additionally, product warranties provide important guards against expensive repair costs in the initial years of a system’s operation.

Geothermal equipment is an excellent option for cutting heating costs and reducing the use of energy resources. However, preventive maintenance on accessible equipment is important for maximizing system performance. Ireland Heating & Air Conditioning can evaluate your Lake Forest home and property to recommend the most appropriate geothermal options. We can also provide seasonal maintenance to keep your equipment in top operating condition. 

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