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If you are having guests at your Lake Forest, Illinois, home this holiday season, it’s reasonable to assume your energy costs will be higher from cooking and keeping your home warm and cozy for your guests. Fortunately, small changes can make a big difference in your utility bills and other costs during the holidays. 

Check the Thermostat

You may automatically assume you need to turn up the thermostat to keep guests comfortable, but that’s a costly mistake. When you have many bodies in your home, they generate extra heat, which means your thermostat doesn’t need to be as high.

You may want to also consider updating just your thermostat to a programmable or smart thermostat to help save you money while keeping your guests comfortable while they are in your home. 

Light Efficiently

If you plan on putting up Christmas or holiday lights, make sure they are LED or fiber optic lights to save energy this holiday season. Set your lights on a timer or make sure you turn off all your lights before going to bed. Take advantage of using your Christmas tree lighting as the source of light for your living room to avoid wasting money on additional lighting. Even though they seem small, the electricity generated from your lights can add up.

Upgrade Your Appliances

If you’re having guests this holiday season, you may want to take a look at your appliances and decide if now is the time to upgrade before all the guests arrive. If you do choose to upgrade, make sure you upgrade to energy-efficient appliances. You will save money before winter really strikes on your utilities by upgrading now instead of waiting until after the winter. 

If you’re ready to upgrade your thermostat or even your entire HVAC system, we are the people to call. Contact Ireland Heating and Air at 847-338-0108 to speak to an experienced professional today. 

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