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A 2014 article published in the New York Times extolled the virtues of snow melting systems in the urban environment. Once considered the exclusive province of upscale business venues, these systems have become more affordable and are now available for homes and businesses in Illinois. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when determining if a snow melting system is right for your Lake Forest home.

Two Snow Melt System Options for Homeowners

Two basic types of snow melt solutions are available for homeowners. Each of these systems has advantages and drawbacks:

  • Hydronic systems require a somewhat higher initial investment for installation. These snow melt solutions deliver a heated antifreeze solution that travels through conduits installed under your sidewalk or driveway to heat these areas and eliminate snow and ice. In most cases, hydronic systems cost less to operate than comparable electric snow melt systems.
  • Electric snow melt systems are usually easier to install than hydronic tube solutions and do not require slab insulation to perform correctly. Additionally, electric systems require less time to produce the desired results. These snow melt installations can cost more to operate than hydronic systems, however.

Each of these systems can reduce physical stress for homeowners by eliminating the drudgery of snow removal. Installing a modern snow melting system can even allow for automatic activation when weather conditions merit it, allowing you and your family to wake up to a clean and safe driveway and sidewalk even in the worst winter weather.

Part of a Comprehensive Home Comfort Plan

Installing a snow melting system can be the first step toward enhancing your enjoyment of your Illinois home. Investing in indoor air quality solutions can allow you and your family to breathe easy by reducing dust and particulates in ducts and air handlers. Programmable thermostats can reduce your utility bills while allowing you to customize temperature levels throughout the day and night. Consulting with a reliable local heating and cooling company can provide you with the best options for upgrading your home’s comfort and convenience inside and out.

The friendly professionals at Ireland Heating & Air Conditioning can provide you with the most effective solutions for all your home heating and cooling needs. For more information about snow melt systems, give us a call at 847-388-0108 or stop by our Lake Forest location. We look forward to serving your HVAC needs.

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