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Transforming a basement, an attic or an addition in your home into a living space can provide numerous benefits; it can increase your property’s value and offer you a spare room to use for practically any purpose. One of the most important steps to converting an abandoned space into a vibrant one is ensuring it’s properly heated and cooled. Otherwise, no one will want to use it during the cold winters and hot summers in Lake Forest, Illinois. Here’s how to make sure your extra space is comfortably cool or warm.

Consider a Ductless Heating and Cooling System

When it comes to the most efficient heating and cooling solution for an additional space in your home, whether below ground or above it, there isn’t one better than a mini-split ductless system. A mini-split ductless system, which includes an outdoor compressor and an air handler that carries refrigerant, is basically a small heat pump that’s able to both heat and cool your living space. While a mini-split system might initially seem to cost a bit more, easy installation and flexibility make it a worthwhile purchase.

One of the Best Ductless Systems on the Market

The most common alternative to a ductless system is a window-mounted air conditioning unit. While these are generally cheaper than mini-split ductless systems, you can’t use one to cool a basement and they’re more susceptible to losing energy – i.e. money. If you compare a typical window unit to a Toshiba Carrier Residential Ductless Highwall Heat Pump, there’s no comparison. The latter comfort solution will:

  • Offer a cooling efficiency rating of up to 23 SEER
  • Offer a heating efficiency rating of up 10.0 HSPF
  • Offer countless features like wireless control, quiet operation, and turbo and dehumidification mode

For more information about ductless heating and cooling systems, check out our products page or contact us at (847) 388-0108. We’re happy to assist you with heating and cooling your new home addition in Lake Forest, Illinois.

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