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Every household in Lake Forest, IL, needs heater servicing, especially before winter arrives. Read on to learn why it’s best to call a professional for essential annual furnace maintenance before cold weather sets in.


A heater that doesn’t perform like it should can give you major headaches. By getting your system serviced regularly, you reduce the risk of inconsistent airflow, lack of heat, or leaky ductwork. You’ll rest easy knowing your furnace is in top condition.

Minimized Heater Repair Costs

Most furnace issues become more expensive when they don’t get expert attention right away. When you receive annual heating system maintenance, small problems will be easy to identify and quick to fix. The best thing about this is that you can avoid major, time-consuming and costly heater repairs.

Health and Safety

A gas-burning furnace that’s properly serviced and clean emits a low amount of carbon monoxide, which ideally shouldn’t be a concern. However, a faulty or dirty heating system will likely emit higher levels of this odorless and poisonous gas, possibly putting your family at risk of getting sick. This is why a frequently maintained heating system contributes to the health and safety of those you love.

Heater Energy Savings

If you ignore your annual heating maintenance plan, there’s a higher chance of having a can inefficient system. The heater will have to work harder to raise the temperature inside your household, costing your more on your utility bills.

Our technicians perform some crucial tasks during your maintenance service, including air filter testing/replacement, airflow testing, lubricating moving sections and visual inspection. Every job plays a significant role in the efficient running of your heating system, which reduces energy consumption and cuts your monthly energy bill.

Each heating system, no matter what kind you own, should receive proper inspection, cleaning and servicing at least once a year, preferably before temperatures drop, pressing it into service. This not only maintains your furnace in tip-top shape, but also allows you to keep the manufacturer’s warranty intact. Be sure to follow the above requirements if you’re keen to avoid higher repair bills as well.

It’s better to take action immediately and be on the safe side than to regret procrastinating during the cold months of winter when your heating system takes a dive. If you would like to learn about annual heating maintenance, or schedule an appointment, call Ireland Heating & Air Conditioning Co. today.

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