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Although air conditioning only accounts for two percent of the average residential energy use in Illinois, heating is responsible for 51 percent of energy consumption in the average home. Thermostat management is a year-round concern because of the potential impact on your utility bills. Lake Forest residents with energy-efficiency concerns might think that thermostat fluctuations are beneficial. However, using this strategy could actually increase the cost to heat and cool your home. It is important to consider a methodical approach to thermostat management if you want to be a responsible energy consumer.

The Impact of Thermostat Fluctuations on Your Home’s Temperature and Equipment

By programming or setting your thermostat for extreme changes while you are away from home, you create more work for your HVAC equipment. The energy loss from the home can be extensive, especially during the worst of the heating or cooling season. Recovering from the change in your indoor temperature can take a lot of hard work as your equipment operates continuously to restore desired comfort levels. By maintaining a minor change in settings based on ENERGY STAR recommendations, you can minimize the discomfort in your home, minimize the cost of energy for home comfort, and stabilize the activity of your equipment. The following settings are recommended, but you can adapt based on your own comfort levels:

  • Waking time – use a setpoint of at least 78 degrees (F) when cooling, and maximum 70 degrees (F) for heat.
  • Daily absence – increase at least seven degrees (F) for cooling, and decrease at least eight degrees (F) for heating.
  • Evenings – return to wake time setpoints.
  • Sleeping – increase at least four degrees (F) for cooling, and decrease at least eight degrees (F) for heating.

Avoid Energy-Efficiency Problems by Installing a Programmable Thermostat

Ireland Heating & Air Conditioning Co. can install a new thermostat if your current unit is not programmable. We can also assist you with smart thermostat choices for a more modern approach to home comfort management. Learn about our thermostat services, or call our Lake Forest office at (847) 388-0108 to schedule an appointment today.

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