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Ductwork provides pathways that circulate airflow from your HVAC system throughout your home. Ductwork is made of thin metal and have nonporous surfaces. The following are ways in which ductwork get damaged in Lake Forest, IL.

Ductwork Age and Corrosion

Ducts wear out and become damaged with age and corrosion from excess moisture. There is a constant expansion and contraction of hot and cold air in the ducts. This can cause your ducts to grow brittle and have cracks or holes.

Biological Contaminants

Ducts contain organic material that encourages the growth of biological pollutants. These pollutants feed off the carbon present in organic materials to grow and reproduce. Biological contaminants have serious health effects and can cause your ducts to weaken or collapse.

Animal Damage

Ducts can provide a suitable environment for rodents since they are warm in winter and cool during the summer. Animals can find shelter in your ducts and interfere with the air passage. These animals can eat on plastic ducts, leading to holes and damage to the ducts.

Heavy Impact

Home maintenance activities like plumbing can damage your ducts. The massive impact can cause cracks to sections of your ductwork. Placing heavy materials on top of your ductwork for an extended period can collapse your duct.

Loose Mechanical Fastening

Duct segments should be connected tightly together at all connections. Wear and tear can loosen these segments. This can lead to leaks or damage to the entire in the ductwork.

Mechanical fastening can be added to duct segments for additional strength. Ducts can suffer damage if the fasteners become loose and damaged. This will also lead to leaks in the ducts.

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