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Thanks to their ability to deliver whole-home comfort in any season, central HVAC systems are extremely popular in Lake Forest and the surrounding areas. Forced-air systems use a network of air ducts to deliver conditioned air throughout your home, but over time, the ductwork can develop leaks ranging from small pinholes to substantial cracks and gaps. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that up to 30 percent of the air that circulates through home ductwork is lost to leaks. Fortunately, there’s a ready solution: Aeroseal Duct Sealing. Read on to learn how this innovative technology can save you money.

How the Aeroseal Process Works

Employing a technology developed by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBL), Aeroseal duct sealing is considered the most effective leak-eliminating method available. Using a heavy-duty plastic tube, the sealant is blown into the duct system as an aerosolized mist. Any cracks, gaps or leaks in the ductwork create a draft that draws in the particles of sealant. The particles adhere tightly to the holes, forming a permanent barrier.

Adding Up the Benefits

Properly sealed ductwork optimizes the energy efficiency of your home comfort systems, allowing you to shave up to 20 percent off your monthly heating and cooling bills. The long-term savings that sealing ducts provides makes the service a smart investment. You’ll enjoy additional advantages too, including:

  • Enhanced Performance. A more robust and uniform delivery of conditioned air throughout your entire home for a higher level of comfort in every season.
  • Better Indoor Air Quality. Because sealing ductwork eliminates leaks that draw airborne allergens and pollutants into your home, your entire family will enjoy a healthier environment.

As a certified Aeroseal contractor, Ireland Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to offer the most advanced duct sealing method available. To learn more about money-saving solutions that improve your home’s indoor air quality and energy efficiency, check out our wide range of HVAC services or give us a call at 847-388-0108 today.

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