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Static electricity is an electric charge that builds up on your body and discharges randomly whenever a conductor is touched. It is a condition characterized by frizzed hair and clothes that cling uncomfortably to your skin. While a discharge shock is a painful irritant, static electricity can actually damage delicate electronics and create a fire risk for those handling chemicals, solvents and other flammable substances. Fortunately, there are several simple strategies that will reduce or eliminate static electricity inside your home.

Install a Humidifier to Reduce Static Electricity

Since moisture interferes with the transfer of an electrical charge, the effect of static electricity is magnified in the winter when the relative humidity is very low. The best way to reduce the potency of static electricity is to increase humidification levels inside your home. This can be accomplished in variety of comparatively inexpensive ways.

  • Integrate a central humidifier directly into the HVAC system
  • Install a thermostat that controls temperature and humidity
  • Strategically place houseplants throughout your home
  • Position portable humidifiers in different rooms
  • Consider taking hot showers instead of baths
  • Install a fresh air ventilator

Proper humidification can also help relieve dry skin conditions and prevent wood furniture from splitting. Humidity control also plays an important role in a comprehensive indoor air quality strategy.

Use an Anti-Static Spray

Rugs and carpets serve as conductors for static electricity. Socks and rubber-soled shoes that shuffle across carpet fibers create powerful charges. Many carpet retailers provide anti-static spray treatments, and formulas in aerosol cans are available at most big-box hardware stores. Homeowners can even make their own anti-static spray by mixing a capful of fabric softener with water in a standard spray bottle. Lightly spraying the carpet will substantially reduce the amount of static electricity that is created while walking through your home.

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