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Homeowners in the Lake Forest, IL, area can count on high-quality HVAC service when choosing a company that employs NATE-certified technicians. You want your family, friends, and pets to be comfortable without the possibility of AC breakdowns during the hottest months. Hiring someone with NATE credentials assures you that the work will be done by a well-trained, knowledgeable professional.

What Does NATE-Certified Mean?

NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence. Technicians acquire this certification by passing a knowledge-based written test. Organizations that are part of the NATE coalition include the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers. The tests are developed by HVAC industry experts to measure understanding in the real world of heating and air conditioning systems. With several levels of tests and specific areas of HVAC certification, NATE certification lets you know that you can expect a high level of expertise. Our highly-trained technicians provide better service to our customers.

Why Is Maintenance Important?

Spring AC maintenance can uncover leaks, rust, frayed wires, corroded electrical contacts, and it can prevent sudden breakdowns. Because starting and stopping systems encourages wear, regular maintenance is important. Energy efficiency improves and the lifespan of the AC system increases.

What Happens During a Service Visit?

Our Lake Forest NATE-certified technicians visit your home and perform an assessment of your air conditioning system. They will then perform maintenance that typically includes the following:

  • Cleaning, adjusting and checking the operation of thermostats
  • Checking the air temperature drop across the evaporator and condenser
  • Inspecting the unit for adequate refrigerant charge and possible leaks
  • Evaluating total performance and operating efficiency

Give us a call to schedule maintenance or repairs with one of our expert NATE-Certified technicians. When summer comes, you’ll be glad that you hired Ireland Heating & Air Conditioning Co.

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