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With record-breaking cold temperatures and snowfalls across Illinois this winter and last, the first signs of spring are a welcome relief for residents of Lake Forest and other towns in the North Shore area. According to the National Climatic Data Center, February 2015 was one of the coldest and snowiest months on record in states across the northern half of the United States. Although spring does not officially begin until March 20, keeping your eyes open for indications that the worst of winter weather may be over can help you schedule landscaping, gardening and home maintenance tasks more effectively. Here are four signs that warmer weather may be just around the corner in the Lake Forest, Illinois, area.

Early Flowers Bloom

Daffodils, dwarf reticulated irises and crocuses are among the most beautiful and treasured signs that spring is on its way. These hardy flowers can sprout and bloom even in snowy weather and can provide a splash of brilliant color against the white backdrop of Illinois winters. Spring bulb plants can provide you with a valuable reminder to schedule your home air conditioning maintenance service before the real heat of summer sets in later this year.

Mercury Rises

As temperatures continue to rise, rainfall typically increases as well. While winter storms can still occur throughout the months of March and April, the reduced risk of major snowstorms can allow you to enjoy more time out and about. If you have been postponing furnace repairs or check-ups due to inclement weather, this is the perfect time to follow up with your heating and air conditioning specialists to ensure that everything is in perfect working order heading into the spring and summer months.

Wildlife Encounters Increase

Melodic bird song, the chirping of insects and the croaking of frogs may be among the first signs that the ground is thawing and that spring is officially on its way. Checking your ductwork for any breaks can help you prevent unwanted intruders and can ensure the highest efficiency for both your heating and cooling system. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends air duct sealing as an effective way to enhance indoor air quality, to provide added security against infestations and intrusions and to reduce energy loss throughout the year.

Spring Sports Return

One of the most important signs of spring in Lake Forest is the start-up of youth baseball leagues and other sporting activities. Lake Forest’s Recreation Department provides a number of opportunities for residents that include golf, dancing, boxing and many other sports designed to help you and your family stay fit and involved in the life of our community.

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