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If you’ve ever wondered why your home fails to maintain a comfortable temperature and your energy bills are astronomical, there’s a possibility that your home’s air ducts are to blame. When your ducts aren’t sealed properly, cooled or heated air escapes into uninhabited areas of your home or attic, giving you a bigger bill without any added comfort. Luckily, there’s Aeroseal. This breakthrough product seals your ducts without the hassle of traditional methods. If you notice or suspect leaks in the air ducts of your Lake Forest, Illinois, home, here’s everything you need to know about Aeroseal.

What Does Aeroseal Do?

Aeroseal is an innovative and dynamic product that seals leaks from the inside out. To begin the process, we plug your registers with foam, which helps locate the leaks in your system. Once we’ve found the leaks, we attach a lay-flat tube and release polymer sealant particles. Instead of escaping the ducts through the gaps, it begins to collect along the edges, effectively creating an airtight seal. When the process is finally completed, you’re left with a fully contained system that delivers the utmost in home comfort.

What Are the Advantages?

Outside of improved home temperatures, Aeroseal has several other benefits. By sealing your ductwork, you prevent allergens such as dust mites, animal dander, and pollen from entering your home. This helps prevent any allergic reactions, as well as minimize the harmful effects on the respiratory system.

Aeroseal is also effective at eliminating energy waste. Estimates show that 90 percent of ductwork contains leaks, and because of this, up to 30 percent of the air never makes it to inhabited rooms. With Aeroseal, even the smallest pinhole leaks are eliminated, and the air goes where it’s needed. As a result, your energy bills will decrease.

With Aeroseal, you never have to worry about your ductwork leaving you with a hefty utility bill and an uncomfortable home. If you want to learn more about the product, or you’ve already decided to buy the treatment, call Ireland Heating & Air Conditioning Co. at 847-388-0108 today.

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