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Furnace maintenance is a must for any homeowner in Lake Forest, IL, whatever the brand of their unit and regardless of whether it’s a gas, oil or electric furnace. Yearly maintenance provides a number of benefits, such as keeping a furnace running efficiently, preventing breakdowns and saving you time and money.

Energy-Efficient Performance

During the year, parts can wear out, and dirt and debris can collect in the furnace, hindering the production and circulation of heat. A maintenance visit can eliminate these issues and allow the furnace to run smoothly. Routine maintenance not only keeps your system running efficiently, but it also extends the lifespan of your home’s heating system.

Fewer Repairs Throughout the Year

While maintenance will not eliminate every need for repairs, you won’t need to worry about major issues arising like short-cycling, lukewarm air and gas leaks. These are the kinds of issues that would leave you feeling uncomfortable until a technician arrives to perform a repair. During a routine maintenance visit, one of our service technicians will inspect each part of your furnace to ensure that each component is working properly.

Protection for Your Warranty

Furnace manufacturers provide warranties only on the condition that the owners set up professional maintenance. After all, they shouldn’t be responsible for repair jobs that arise because of the owner’s negligence. With maintenance, you ensure that your warranty stays valid and that you’re not responsible for the cost of replacement parts and repairs.

Our team of HVAC experts has provided maintenance, repairs and installations for our community since 1978. With temperatures dropping, it’s important that you have a furnace that’s ready to keep your home comfortable, safe and efficient. If you live in the Lake Forest area, leave your furnace maintenance to the experts at Ireland Heating & Air Conditioning Co. and give us a call today.

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