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Ice accumulation on the outdoor unit is a common heat pump issue. Ice buildup can cause damage to your heating system. Here’s how ice in Lake Forest, IL, might affect the effectiveness and durability of your heat pump.

Corrosion and Component Malfunctions

Melting snow might enter the heat pump and cause it to stop. Water may flow into the intake or exhaust pipe and re-melt inside the device.

The heat pump’s position may potentially subject it to melting ice. Check to see whether there is a gutter allowing water to flow into the outside unit. Water can corrode interior components.

The Efficiency and Performance of Heat Pumps

Ice buildup can limit the performance of your heating system and affect your interior comfort. Snow reduces the heat pump’s ability to extract heat energy from its surroundings.

Furthermore, a heat pump can collect ice due to breakages or inefficiency. For instance, if there’s insufficient clearance around the outside unit, ice is more prone to form. If the problem persists, you should call an HVAC specialist in Lake Forest, IL.

Ice Accumulation and Airflow Obstructions

As temperatures stay at or below freezing in the region, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for frost formation. Ice might form on the exterior unit. The heat pump may initiate a defrost cycle by momentarily switching to cooling.

However, if the ice accumulates, there may be a problem with air circulation to the outdoor unit. Because heat pumps generate heat by drawing air from their surroundings, airflow obstructions can lower their heating capacity. By melting the ice from the exterior unit, you can restore the efficiency of your heat pump.

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