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Thankfully, winter has finally released its grip, and Lake Forest residents can enjoy the fresh days of spring. But before you know it, the heat of summer will arrive in full force. That’s why spring is a good time to start thinking about air conditioning maintenance. There are several reasons why a spring tune-up will keep you cool all summer.

Continued Comfort

Pre-season AC service helps you identify and work out issues before the temperatures start to climb. Making minor repairs and fixing problems when they’re small reduces the likelihood of a breakdown when the cooling season kicks into high gear. Spring air conditioning maintenance ensures reliable operation and uninterrupted cool comfort during the hot days of summer.

Maintain Efficiency

Dirt and neglect rank as the top two reasons why your air conditioner loses its efficiency. In fact, for each year you ignore air conditioning maintenance, your system loses 5 percent of its effectiveness. When the blasts of heat and humidity hit Lake Forest, you want your air conditioner to deliver efficient cooling. You don’t want it to cycle constantly on and off, running up high electric bills yet never quite achieving the cooling comfort you seek.

Beat the Rush

If you wait until temperatures begin to spike before scheduling your AC service, you may get caught up in a high demand for maintenance requests. Scheduling service now helps you steer clear of a scheduling crunch and ensures your system will be operational the first day you need it.

The arrival of spring is the perfect time to get your home ready for summer. Adding AC service to your to-do list will save you money, help you avoid catastrophes down the road and make certain that your home will be an oasis of comfort from the summer heat. To learn more about staying cool, check out the air conditioning services we offer or call 847-388-0108.

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