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The boiler is an essential part of your heating system and should function properly to work optimally. However, if you’re hearing strange noises coming from your boiler, it could signify something is wrong. Here are some noises you may hear from your boiler in Lake Forest, IL.

1. Boiling Kettle

This sounds like water is rushing through the heating system. It may be due to an expansion tank installed incorrectly or a hole in it. This can lead to water pressure problems, such as flooding and unexpected water backflows.

2. Gurgling

The sound occurs when air bubbles escape from the system and indicate a blockage in some parts of the boiler. It’s best to call a technician immediately, as this blockage can cause further damage to the boiler.

3. High-Pitched Whistling

The whistling sound comes about when too much pressure within the system. This can be due to a faulty pressure valve or a leak in the system. Call a technician immediately as this could cause serious damage.

4. Banging

If you hear a loud banging while the system is in operation, it could be that the pilot light has gone out. This means that the heating system cannot get any fuel to burn to produce heat. A technician will repair the issue by relighting the pilot light.

5. Humming

This humming sound indicates that the motor inside your boiler is working, but it could also mean an issue with your fan or pump. If you hear a new humming sound, it’s best to get your boiler checked out by an experienced technician.

If you hear any of these five noises from your boiler, it could be a warning sign that the boiler needs to be serviced immediately. It’s important to call an experienced boiler repair professional as soon as possible. Call Ireland Heating & Air today to schedule your boiler maintenance plan.

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