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For decades, duct systems have been a ubiquitous element of all sorts of home heating and cooling systems. During the heating season, the ducts carry warm air from the furnace throughout the house to keep everyone comfortable. During the cooling season, they play a similar role by bringing cold air from a central air conditioner throughout the building. In recent years, though, the HVAC industry has produced a new line of ductless air conditioners and heat pumps, bringing several key advantages over traditional air conditioners and furnaces. We at Ireland Heating & Air Conditioning are proud to install, repair and maintain these systems alongside more traditional HVAC solutions.


Just by eliminating the ducts themselves, these systems save you money by eliminating the duct leaks that sap about 30 percent of the average air conditioner’s cooling power. Moreover, these specialized systems use advanced variable-speed compressor technology to match your home’s heating or cooling needs in real time. That means there’s no energy wasted cycling on and off, maximizing energy efficiency. Indeed, some cutting-edge systems have SEER ratings of 20 or more. There’s also no need to spend money on duct cleaning or duct sealing, improving your bottom line.

Size and Noise

Central air conditioners and furnaces are fairly bulky systems, but these duct-free air conditioners and heat pumps are just the opposite. They’re very small and sit high on indoor walls, making them perfect for apartments, condominiums and other homes where space is at a premium. Moreover, while window air conditioners are bulky and noisy, ductless¬†systems blend in well with most home decor and run nearly silently.


Of course, the primary purpose of any heating or cooling system is comfort, and going ductless certainly delivers. The aforementioned variable-speed compressor means there are no uncomfortable temperature changes as the system cycles on or off; instead, the unit perfectly matches your home’s heating or cooling load to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the season. You’ll notice the difference right away.

Another upshot of multi-split systems is that they offer zoned control. Every home is broken into one to four cooling “zones,” and the temperature in each zone can be adjusted independently. That means it’s possible to direct more cooling power to a room that always seems to run too hot or to shut off the AC in an unused space. You’ll benefit from better comfort and save money all at once.


While standard air conditioners and heat pumps are generally made to last eight to 10 years, these new systems enjoy much longer lifespans. Indeed, many systems installed in the 1980s are still functioning today, and the technology has only gotten more reliable and durable since then. With a little routine maintenance, most of which can be done at home, losing the ducts can help you gain a truly long-term comfort solution for your home, keeping your family comfortable for decades to come.

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