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The ductwork in your Highland Park, IL, home is vital for your HVAC system. As the main conduit for airflow, your ductwork keeps your home comfortable by delivering climate-controlled air. If your ductwork has developed any leaks or cracks, it can negatively affect your home’s comfort, increase utility bills, and reduce efficiency. Here’s a deeper look into the three main ways duct sealing affects your home.

Reduced Comfort

When your ductwork is leaking air, it can lead to a whole range of uncomfortable conditions in your home. Reduced airflow is the primary sign that you have a duct leak, as much of the air being pumped from your HVAC is escaping into the space around your ducts instead of being pushed into your home. This can create uneven temperatures in your home like hotspots or areas that seem extra-drafty.

It follows that temperature control is a major issue in homes with leaky ductwork. It’s hard for your HVAC to keep up with your thermostat when a portion of the air it’s cooling or heating gets lost before reaching your living areas.

Poor Efficiency

Efficiency is greatly reduced when dealing with poorly sealed ducts. As your HVAC system tries to match the temperature set on your thermostat, it has to expend extra energy to make up for the air being leaked. This can lead to longer running cycles and an increase in energy usage. The more energy your system has to use, the less efficiency you’re getting out of your system.

Increased Utility Costs

As your efficiency decreases, your utility costs will rise. This may be the first sign that something is up with your duct sealing: even small leaks can create hikes in utility costs as it affects your efficiency. You may see these bill increases even before you begin to notice climate changes inside your home. Always be sure to keep an eye on your utility bills as a good measure of your HVAC’s performance.

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