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There are a number of issues that plague heaters during the winter months, and knowing how to identify these problems early can help you solve the problem before it affects you and your family. Here are three of the most common heater issues we see in Lake Forest, Illinois.

Cold Air

If you notice that your heater has started blowing cold air, there are a number of different issues that could be responsible. A faulty thermostat is one of the easiest to fix — you can get a professional out to install standard or a new smart thermostat that is far less likely to fail.

More difficult to fix are unit issues. These can range from pilot light problems to leaky ductwork. These should be addressed by a professional — trying to fix them on your own can be dangerous.

Uneven Heating

Another common complaint is uneven heating. Typically this particular issue is caused by dirty filters or leaky ductwork. Be sure to regularly change out your filters as a part of your maintenance routine. Leaky ductwork can’t be prevented or fixed as simply, but it can be spotted and fixed before it becomes a major issue if you regularly get unit maintenance.

Constant Running

Your heater should only be kicking on every so often to help maintain temperature. A constantly running heater could be a sign of trouble. The two most common causes of this problem are either a faulty thermostat or a malfunctioning blower.

Like before, if it’s your thermostat, that’s easy for a professional to fix. A malfunctioning blower is more complicated and should be addressed during regular maintenance visits or during a service call.

If you’re noticing any of the above issues or want to set up regular maintenance to catch issues before they start to affect your family, give Ireland Heating and Air a call at 847-388-0108 to create an appointment today!

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