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A hydronic snow melt system sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel, but when it comes to convenience and safety at your Buffalo Grove, Illinois, home, its benefits are unbeatable. Used to melt snow on your driveway and walkways, this system is one of the more recent innovations in home improvement. Check out the improved safety, savings in time and money, and other advantages of one of our hydronic snow melt systems for your home.

How Does It Work?

While traditional radiant snow melting systems use electricity or heated water to melt snow, a hydronic snow melt system uses an antifreeze solution that’s heated to between 140 and 180 degrees. Plus, the antifreeze prevents any risk of frozen pipes that may lead to damage or excessive repairs when the temperatures dip to frigid levels.

Save Time and Money

If you don’t have the time to shovel your walkways and driveway after a heavy snowfall, you almost certainly hire someone to clear the paths, but not with a hydronic system. The system starts to pay for itself at the first sign of snow, and you don’t have to put in hours out in the cold to get your car on the road.

Increased Safety

Even if you shovel the walkways and put down ice melt, it doesn’t always mean that your walkways are safe. When the snow melts and then the temperature drops below freezing, it can create ice and cause a hazard that can land you in the hospital. Because you can turn a hydronic system on at your leisure, you can melt the ice before you even set foot outside.

No More Harsh Chemicals

Using ice melt and other harmful de-icers can wreak havoc on your concrete, pavers, and surrounding landscape, but with a hydronic system, you get a more eco-friendly option with the same result.

With nearly 3 feet of snow a year in the Chicagoland area, there’s no need to mess with the snow if you don’t have to. At Ireland Heating & Air Conditioning Co., we’ll get you set up with a hydronic system in no time at all. Call us today at 847-388-0108.

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