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Furnaces and boilers continue to evolve as new models provide better efficiency and comfort when compared to products manufactured less than a decade ago. If you have a standing pilot furnace or boiler, you may be surprised to learn how many advanced features are incorporated into today’s most popular heating appliances.

Furnace Improvements

Gas and oil furnace heaters have always offered relatively low operating costs and simple ease-of-use. Newer models are much quieter and more effective at providing consistent comfort throughout your home. This evolution in performance and function is characterized by models with efficiencies up to 98.7 percent. In essence, this means that only one penny out of each heating dollar is wasted.

Gas Furnace

As the most popular heating appliance, new gas furnaces are equipped with the latest leading-edge technology. They are built for reliable performance and an extended lifecycle. Many newer models include a number of advanced features:

  • Stainless Steel Secondary Heat Exchanger: Ultra-high efficiency models incorporate a secondary heat exchanger to capture energy from waste gasses.
  • Sealed Blower Compartment: A furnace with a sealed blower compartment has less than 1-percent leakage at 1-inch static pressure.
  • Noise Reduction: Ultra-quiet operation results from the use of space-age sound absorption materials and advanced engineering.
  • Fan-On Mode: A gas furnace equipped with a fan-on mode offers constant air movement and superior filtration that is about one-third the cost of a traditional single-stage furnace.
  • Variable-Capacity Burners: Modulating gas valve technology tracks the indoor load and adjusts burner operation between 35-100 percent to optimize furnace performance in all weather conditions.
  • Smart Thermostat Control: Many new furnace models are equipped to communicate directly with the latest generation of smart thermostats. Consistent and precise control of the indoor temperature helps prevent cold spots, drafts and stale air pockets. A number of furnace parameters can be controlled remotely through an associated app.
  • Variable-Speed Blower: A variable-speed blower motor constantly adjusts the appliance output to meet the prevailing load, which leads to lower fuel costs and extends the life of the equipment.

Oil Furnace Innovations

An oil furnace draws fuel from a tank and injects it into a specially designed combustion chamber through pressurized nozzles. While oil and gas furnaces share much of the same technology, there are several innovations that are specific to oil models:

  • Advanced Noise Reduction Technology
  • Variable Speed Operation
  • Improved Fuel Pump Operation: More efficient fuel pump operation offers dependable, quiet service and faster shutdown response.
  • AFUE Efficiency Ratings up to 86 percent
  • Better Combustion Chamber Design: In newer units, combustion chambers are constructed from alumina-silica ceramic fiber for better efficiency and enhanced noise reduction.
  • High-Performance Burners: Modern burners provide improved combustion, better efficiency and lower maintenance costs.

Boiler Improvements

Many homes are equipped with a boiler used to heat water for radiant or steam heating systems. Hot water is circulated through a piping network and distributed from coils embedded directly in the floor or through baseboard radiators. Older steam boiler systems operate at higher temperatures and are less efficient. There have been many improvements in boiler technology in recent years that provide superior efficiency and rugged durability.

  • Modulating Burner: Continuous modulation of the burner maintains a consistent indoor temperature while avoiding repetitive on/off cycling. The unit can operate at capacities between 20-100 percent, depending on the prevailing weather conditions.
  • Improved Efficiency: Condensing boilers provide efficiencies up to 95 AFUE, which means the unit converts up to 95 percent of the fuel it consumes into usable heat.
  • Cast Aluminum Heat Exchanger: A cast aluminum heat exchanger transfers heat up to three times faster than conventional cast iron heat exchangers.
  • Low Profile: Smaller cabinets fit comfortably in the space occupied by your old unit and may yield extra room for storage.
  • Electronic Ignition: An electronic ignition system eliminates the danger and inconvenience associated with standing pilot models.

Complete Furnace and Boiler Service

If you have an aging or obsolete heating appliance, call one of our comfort specialists today for a free system evaluation. We sell quality products from the leading manufacturers and offer complete boiler and furnace repair, installation and maintenance services for residents and businesses in the local area.

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