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If you’re like most homeowners, you neglect to regularly program your thermostat. Programming can save you 10% in energy costs every year in some cases. Here are some tips on how to use a programmable or smart thermostat in your Lake Forest, IL, home to save money and enjoy other benefits.

Types of Programmable Thermostats

There are four different types of programmable thermostats on the market. Seven-day programmable thermostats are ideal for those with hectic, ever-changing schedules. These thermostats allow you to schedule different heating and cooling patterns for each day of the week.

Use 5-1-1 programming to schedule a specific heating or cooling schedule for the weekdays along with different heating or cooling plans for Saturday and Sunday. Another option is 5-2 programming, which is the same as 5-1-1- programming; although, in this scenario, Saturday and Sunday will have the same cooling plan. One-week programmable thermostats allow you to program one heating/cooling plan that will run throughout the entire week.

The first step of your thermostat selection process is to find the type of thermostat that will best suit your specific scheduling needs. These programmable thermostats help you get the most out of your HVAC system and cut costs on energy bills in both cooler and hotter months. Many programmable thermostats already have a setting pre-programmed.

For the best results, you will want to adjust the thermostat’s settings to complement your particular lifestyle. Thermostats can be programmed based on the time you wake, go to sleep, leave and return home. To get the most out of your HVAC system and new thermostat, your home’s temperature should be adjusted slightly throughout the day.

Maximize Efficiency With a Smart Thermostat

For the most energy efficiency during winter months, the Department of Energy suggests the temperature to be set to 68 degrees while you are awake and in your home. During warmer summer months, your air conditioner should be set at 78 degrees while you’re at home.

While you’re away from the house, you’ll want to set it at least a few degrees higher. On days when you don’t need the AC, you can manually shut it off and it will kick back on if it becomes too hot outside.

For even more ease of use, invest in a Wi-Fi-enabled or smart thermostat that you can control from an app on your phone. This way, you can control the temperature in your home while you are on the go.

If your schedule suddenly changes or you forget to adjust your thermostat before going on vacation, you can easily adjust your home’s temperature while you’re away.

There are a number of smart thermostats available with Wi-Fi compatibility. The newest high-tech smart thermostats create custom schedules for your home based on revolutionary new motion detection technology, saving you even more time and money.

Quick Tips

The easiest way to save on your heating and cooling costs is to turn your thermostat back by 7 to 10 degrees for around eight hours each day. To create the most efficient heating and cooling schedule for you home, consider these two tips.

  • Reduce the heat or AC an hour before going to sleep each night
  • Increase the heat or AC 30 minutes before waking up each morning

It will take some time playing around with your new programmable thermostat to determine the best temperature settings for your particular lifestyle. Investing in a programmable or smart thermostat can save you ample time and money in the long run. It will even help keep your HVAC unit running more efficiently.

Achieve a comfortable temperature in your home while spending less time trying to adjust your thermostat. Once you invest in a programmable or smart thermostat, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one earlier.

We Can Help

If you are interested in learning more about which thermostats will work best with your home’s heating and cooling system, give us a call today at Ireland Heating and Air Conditioning Co. We can suggest thermostats and help you set up your program to start saving money today.

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