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It is much easier and cheaper to keep your HVAC unit in Lake Forest, IL, in shape than have the system repaired or replaced. Below are ways that regular HVAC maintenance can help you save money.

Increased Energy Efficiency With HVAC Maintenance

Heating and cooling are known to be the energy hogs for most homes. A big chunk of the money you pay for electricity costs in the summer can be attributed to your HVAC unit. This is especially true for extreme temperature times like summer, when the AC is constantly on.

While there is a lot that goes into selecting an energy-efficient model, such as higher SEER ratings, you can ensure that your HVAC unit is running optimally through regular maintenance schedules. This can be helpful in saving money on energy bills.

Minimize Costly HVAC Repairs

Most HVAC problems that are easily fixed can quickly escalate into costlier HVAC repairs. Regular maintenance schedules effectively handle most minor issues even before they properly manifest in the HVAC unit. By having your HVAC system regularly inspected and serviced, you avoid unprecedented breakdowns that are even costlier to fix.

Comparing the average cost of having an HVAC service technician tune-up your HVAC unit regularly with the average costs of emergency and ordinary repairs, it makes much more sense to have regular maintenance for your unit. Lack of maintenance is the chief cause of breakdowns in HVAC systems.

Extended Life for Your System

Most HVAC units are designed to last for 10 to 15 years. Without regular maintenance, this can be a hard feat to achieve. Regular maintenance ensures that your unit is running smoothly and optimally, thus extending its life.

As the unit ages, the chances are that you will start experiencing more breakdowns. Regularly tuned-up HVAC units are more resilient to the aging elements. Without regular service and inspection, there is a huge likelihood that you will soon be spending big bucks on a new HVAC system.

Repair Cost Covered Under Warranty

Many manufacturers offer warranties for their HVAC units for several years after the sale. You should be aware that most of these manufacturers require that you produce proof of regular annual maintenance for the unit before scheduling repair.

Warranties are a great way of saving money on costly repairs, especially since the replacement of some internal parts of the unit, like the compressor, can be fairly expensive. Therefore, you should consider keeping your HVAC repairs covered under warranty by investing in annual maintenance.

Minimize Home Cleaning Expenditures

Debris and dust collect in the HVAC systems over time; this is especially common in air vents. Regular maintenance ensures that your vents are regularly cleaned out and repaired. Failure to schedule maintenance for your unit may lead to serious dust issues when these contaminants make their way into your indoor air.

You can look forward to reduced cleaning bills and a cleaner indoor house environment. Having dust and other indoor air pollutants can also pose serious health risks to you and your family.

HVAC Maintenance Improves Comfort

Your HVAC unit regulates the indoor temperature of your home plus the humidity levels in your rooms. Having your HVAC system optimized through regular maintenance could significantly reduce the likelihood of humidity-related discomfort.

Leaky ducts are one of the most common manifestations of units lacking regular maintenance and repair. Tune-up visits include checking for duct leaks and then sealing up of leaky ducts that contribute to poor indoor air quality.

At Ireland Heating & Air, we offer competent and timely HVAC repairs and installations to ensure your system is working to the best of its ability. Please call us to schedule a maintenance appointment with one of our qualified and experienced HVAC service technicians.

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