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You might think of spring as allergy season in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, but autumn boasts its own set of sneeze-worthy allergens too. Get to know some of the worst offenders, and learn five ways to protect your home from fall allergens.

Keep a Regular House Cleaning Schedule

As your family settles back into school routines and sports schedules, life can get busy during the fall. Letting a few cleaning tasks slide might not seem like a big deal, but they can make a big impact on your family’s health, especially with fall allergies in full swing. After all, cleaning is one of the easiest and most effective ways to show allergens the door.

At the top of any house cleaning to-do list should be washing sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers. You’ll also want to dust flat surfaces and knickknacks and sweep and mop hard flooring. Vacuum carpeted areas thoroughly and use a vacuum with a HEPA filter if possible. Together, these basic cleaning tasks will remove much of the dust, dirt, pollen, and pet hair that’s accumulated throughout your home.

Tackle Some Redecorating Projects

A regular cleaning schedule is essential, but if you’re short on time, you might find that it’s tough to give your home the sparkle it deserves every week. Rather than throwing in the towel, consider a few basic redecorating projects that will save you time and spare your family a runny nose or two in the long run.

Upholstery, fabric, and carpet can attract significant amounts of dust and other allergens, and they aren’t easy to clean. Consider replacing your faded old curtains with sleek interior blinds, which are easy to dust and might even help you save on your utility bill.

In the market for a new sofa or dining room set? Keep in mind that leather and wooden furniture are the easiest to clean. In contrast, upholstered furniture can easily accumulate allergens, and it isn’t always easy to vacuum. Along the same lines, consider replacing your outdated carpet with hardwood flooring to eliminate dust and make pollen and pet dander easier to clean up.

Plan Preventive HVAC Maintenance

Not all allergens accumulate on your furniture or flooring. Allergens like ragweed and pet dander travel through your home’s air supply, making your family sneeze all season long. If you’ve noticed that your home’s air seems less than clean, start by replacing your HVAC system’s air filter with a fresh one.

To keep your HVAC system running smoothly throughout the season, make an appointment for an inspection and tune-up. When you call the HVAC experts at Ireland Heating & Air Conditioning & Co., we’ll replace your air filter, check fluid levels, and inspect the wiring to ensure efficient operation in the fall and beyond.

Filter Allergens From Your Home’s Air Supply

When a basic air filter doesn’t do enough to keep your home’s air supply clean, consider adding an air purifier to your existing HVAC system. These devices work with your heat pump, air conditioner, or furnace to remove an impressively high percentage of particles from circulation.

For example, our Infinity Air Purifier GAPA traps up to 95 percent of microscopic pathogens in your home’s air supply, filtering the air up to eight times per hour. Whether you’re worried about pollen, pet dander, or even bacteria, you can rest assured that this air purifier has allergens under control.

Reduce Moisture With a Whole-Home Dehumidifier

Indoor moisture can be a year-round problem in the Buffalo Grove area, but its effects are particularly harmful in the fall. As the weather cools down and you spend more time indoors, you’ll notice that excess moisture quickly contributes to dust mites and mold growth.

The whole family will breathe easier and feel healthier when your home’s humidity level remains consistent. Our Performance Whole-Home Dehumidifier DEHXX works with your HVAC system to maintain consistent humidity levels between 30 and 50 percent.

Not sure where to get started improving your home’s indoor air quality? Call the pros at Ireland Heating & Air Conditioning Co., and we’ll help you find effective solutions: 847-388-0108.

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