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A ductless mini split is an excellent alternative to a central HVAC system if you’re living in a home where laying down new ductwork is inconvenient or impossible. Despite the steady popularity of ductless HVAC, many people continue to believe untrue things about it. If you’re thinking about installing ductless mini splits in your Kenilworth, IL home, it’s important to dispel the following myths before making your decision.

1. Ductless HVAC Is Only for Zone-Specific Heating or Cooling

This myth shows that, in some ways, ductless mini splits have been victims of their own success. While it is true that mini splits are especially effective for zone-specific climate control, they aren’t intended for this alone. If you want to cool or heat your entire home with mini splits, you can give your system a multi-zone configuration that allows it to control your indoor climate in two, three, four or more designated zones.

2. Mini Splits Don’t Last as Long as Traditional Systems

Perhaps because ductless mini splits are considerably smaller than central HVAC systems, some people believe that they are more fragile and therefore have shorter shelf lives. Fortunately, this isn’t true.

With proper maintenance, a mini split can function effectively for about 20 years before you’ll need to replace it. This is the same as the anticipated service life of a standard HVAC system.

To make your system last as long as possible, you’ll need annual professional maintenance and the services of trained repair technicians whenever anything goes wrong. Many of the signs that your HVAC needs repair are the same for a ductless mini split as they are for a traditional system, including ice buildup, strange noises, spiking electric bills and fluctuations in performance.

3. Mini Splits Are Hard to Maintain

Another prominent myth about mini split systems is that they are difficult to repair and maintain. Mini split systems consist of an outdoor condenser, an indoor air handler for each cooling or heating zone and refrigerant lines that connect the other two parts and usually run along your home’s exterior walls. Because of this more stripped-down and advanced design, some people get the impression that these systems are more difficult to take care of.

This is a misconception because each air handler in a mini split system has its air filter in a prominent and easy-to-reach place. This makes filter replacement — one of the most important mini split maintenance tasks — easy to do. The same is true for all maintenance tasks pertaining to refrigerant since the refrigerant lines are usually prominently located right outside the home.

4. Ductless HVAC Cools Homes Unevenly

This is not only untrue but is often the opposite of the truth. Since the rooms of your home are probably variously insulated and at different distances from the core of where your ductwork would be, central HVAC would likely cool or heat some rooms faster than others. By contrast, since each cooling zone in homes with ductless mini splits has its own air handler unit, temperature adjustment occurs more evenly.

5. Mini Splits Can’t Improve Indoor Air Quality

Central HVAC systems circulate air through ducts and pass it through filters, thereby cleaning it. Since mini splits have no ducts, some people think they can’t distribute air as well, leaving you with low indoor air quality.

This isn’t true. As mentioned, mini splits do have their own air filters. Moreover, bad air is less likely to waft around through your home precisely because mini splits don’t blow air throughout your home across ductwork.

Depending on your living situation and your specific indoor comfort goals, ductless mini splits may be an excellent choice. Don’t let myths and misconceptions get in the way of making the best choice for your Kenilworth, IL home. If you decide that a mini split is right for you, call us today at Ireland Heating & Air Conditioning Co., and learn more about our ductless mini split installation services.

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