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Cooking Without Heat

Summer Cooking Mistakes that Cost You Energy

The summer months are a popular time for get-togethers and big family gatherings. Unfortunately, the combination of a large crush of people and a lot of cooking will leave your home sweltering in the hot Northfield, Illinois, summers. Use these tips to keep your kitchen cool so you can stay comfortable for all your summer events. Peeking at Your Dishes While it’s important to keep an eye on ... Read More »

Cost concerned

Are More Efficient Air Conditioners Worth the Added Cost?

If you’re shopping for a new air conditioner for your Lake Forest, Illinois, home, you may wonder how efficient a system should be to save the most money. The SEER rating is important, but it’s only one of many factors affecting the efficiency of your new system. Understand the Ratings and Savings Before you try to find the savings in a new system, it’s import... Read More »

ac technician

3 Tips to Help You Get Ready for Summer Temperatures

Midwest winters can be harsh and damaging to your property. Therefore, it is very important for home and business owners in Lake Forest, IL, and the surrounding communities to take a few steps each spring to ensure that their home is prepared for summer temperatures. Unfortunately, if you forget to follow a few basic post-winter guidelines, you could end up dealing with a leaky roof or a broken ai... Read More »

5 Tips to Help as We Head into Allergy Season

5 Tips to Help as We Head into Allergy Season

Allergy season is starting, and pretty soon it will be in full swing. If you suffer from allergies, it is important to take steps right now to protect yourself from the sniffling and sneezing that often accompanies this time of year. Fortunately, there are some easy techniques you can use to reduce the impact of this year’s allergens. Five Proven Ways to Beat Allergy Season 1. Install an Ind... Read More »

Cor thermostat

What to Look For and How You Benefit from a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats and programmable thermostats are not the same thing. Programmable thermostats let you set different indoor temperatures for different times of the day and different days of the week. But you have to tell the device what to do, otherwise it will do nothing at all. How Do Smart Thermostats Differ From Programmable Thermostats? Smart thermostats are interactive, energy-efficient dev... Read More »

ductless heating and cooling

Heating and Cooling a Finished Basement, Attic or Addition

Transforming a basement, an attic or an addition in your home into a living space can provide numerous benefits; it can increase your property’s value and offer you a spare room to use for practically any purpose. One of the most important steps to converting an abandoned space into a vibrant one is ensuring it’s properly heated and cooled. Otherwise, no one will want to use it during the cold win... Read More »

freezing temperatures

How to Help Your Furnace During a Polar Vortex

Although polar vortex sounds like a storm of major proportion, it is actually a low-pressure pattern in the atmosphere near the polar regions of the earth. When a polar vortex is strong, its effects on mid-latitude areas such as the United States are minimal. However, a weakening of the vortex can result in cold air moving into these mid-latitude areas. You may remember that the temperatures in th... Read More »

snowy sidewalks

Is a Snow Melt System Right for Me?

A 2014 article published in the New York Times extolled the virtues of snow melting systems in the urban environment. Once considered the exclusive province of upscale business venues, these systems have become more affordable and are now available for homes and businesses in Illinois. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when determining if a snow melting system is right for yo... Read More »


Is a Heat Recovery Ventilator System Effective?

Ventilation is an important consideration in the management of your home’s air quality, but efficiency can be a secondary concern because of the harsh winter conditions in Illinois. Bringing cold air into the house would increase the heating activity for your furnace, but a heat recovery system can be a viable and affordable solution to both your energy and air quality concerns. What Is a He... Read More »


How Can I Reduce Static Electricity Shocks in My House this Winter?

Static electricity is an electric charge that builds up on your body and discharges randomly whenever a conductor is touched. It is a condition characterized by frizzed hair and clothes that cling uncomfortably to your skin. While a discharge shock is a painful irritant, static electricity can actually damage delicate electronics and create a fire risk for those handling chemicals, solvents and ot... Read More »

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